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Welcome to the official site of the 35th Infantry Division in Europe during World War II

Speech (Interpreted) by Mr. Camille P. Kohn, President of CEBA (Cercle D'Etudes Sur La Bataille Des Ardennes) on May 25, 1998, to members of the 35th U.S. Infantry Division at Boulaide, Luxembourg.

Dear veterans, ladies and gentlemen,

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mayor Blasius and his staff, for the memorable ceremony at the 35th Infantry Division Memorial and finally for the warm reception given to you today in this town, which was liberated by you. Let me tell you that this monument was erected and inaugurated in 1976. It should help to assure that the sacrifices of the 35th Inf. Div. will not be forgotten in the centuries ahead! Anyhow, at that time Mr. Blasius was already Mayor of this town. This may be the third reception that the municipality of Boulaide has given to vets of the Santa Fe Division. In this small Luxembourg village you have the right to feel at home! So far only a few important remarks.

Dear veterans and veterans' families, as President, and on behalf of CEBA, I'd like to thank you so much for coming to Luxembourg. Only by this way are we able to express our deep admiration and affection to all of you. But words can't express our feelings to you even more than 53 years after the hellish period of the odious BoB, on which you men had to take part. We haven't forgotten that probably you lived the worst weeks of your lives here in this area, which you men made so peaceful again after your heroic achievements. On the 27th December 1944 you conquered three villages in our country. They are: Boulaide, Baschleiden and Surre. At Surre your 137th Regiment met an obstinate resistance and only after a hard struggle was it able to capture the town. Also your 320th Regiment ran into considerable difficulties in capturing this town and the neighboring town of Baschleiden. Let's not forget to mention the frightful conditions of weather you were forced to endure. What you men, you survivors, lived through by conquering the Belgian villages of Lutrebois and Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, not far from here, would be hard to nearly describe!

Nevertheless we know very well that you suffered the tortures of hell there. Roughly, elements of three German Divisions, the Panzer-Lehr Division, the 1st SS Panzer. Division., and the 167 VGD (Volksgrenadier), had attacked the Santa Fe's but had been beaten off. This became a bloody, but also a brilliant page in the history of the famous Harry Truman Division. To date, it is yet so impressive and almost incredible, that the 137th Regiment fought about 13 days, two weeks, before it battered down the fierce enemy defenses of Villers-la-Bonne-Eau. Unfortunately, the companies K and L, 3rd Battalion, 137th Infantry were lost there. It is so revealing that it took five days of constant assaults by the 134th Regiment to capture Lutrebois. It is hard to believe, that the Luxembourg village of Harlange was held by the Germans till the 10th January 1945, even though the 320th put extreme pressure on it since the 3rd January 1945. Finally Harlange was conquered the 10th January 1945 by the 28th Cav Rec Sq of the 6th Cav Group. Only these facts bear witness enough of the relentless combats in this area. Dear veterans, allow me just a few closing remarks: The Luxembourg people are fully aware of the peace and the independence we owe to the great nation you belong to. We are deeply indebted to the United States, for having restored liberty in Luxembourg and all over in Europe by her valiant soldiers. This will never be forgotten here and on each occasion, we like to revive our deep thanks to our American liberators and to keep alive the flame of remembrance of the dreadful scene of horror the BoB was and you men have lived through a long time ago. The recollection of thousands and again thousands of lovely GI's in Luxembourg during the years 1944-45 will never fade away!

Thank you, dear friends from overseas, representing a great nation, that defends almost everywhere in the world freedom and peace. And thank You for fighting to prevent any new tyrant coming up. When back to the States, please convey the Mayor's and this message of gratitude and let all the Americans, at least all your acquaintances know what and how we feel and that we will be thankful forever. Your achievements are eternalized! God bless you!


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C.E.B.A. is the organization that takes responsibility for the "history keeping" of the Battle of the Ardennes Forest - or The Battle of the Bulge (also known as BoB).

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